Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prison Planet Concepts

Recently I contributed to an ongoing 6 part tutorial series on the pipeline of concept art in video games.  The series is comprised of environments, characters and vehicles/props. I was lucky enough to work with two powerhouse artists in the game world, Thomas Pringle and Craig Sellars.  I came up with the game idea and basically the 3 artists just went to town!   Thomas did environments, Craig did the vehicles and I did the character tutorial section.  Here are some of the images that are included in the magazine spread...

Get the full tutorial here:

I hope you guys dig it!!
thanks for stopping by,


joverine said...

looks great man!
good to see you gettin' your stuff out there more-keep it up
inspired now :D


Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks Joe! I'm trying man, between the full time, the fam, and the heavy booze... it's tough but I'm trying.

joverine said...

well if you gotta give up something, I think its pretty obvious...the full time or fam have got to go...

keep it up !

D-Gee said...

this dude has the sickest fucking name ever..... :) nice bro!

Rice and Eggs said...

haha, is that my boy Daxy???? thanks brother! I appreciate it. Stay tuned, I have some more light hearted stuff coming soon. Diggin' deep to the old skool anim dayz!


p.s. hope to see around here more, you wanna play in the reindeer games? LMK.