Friday, February 22, 2013


Recently I was asked by Danny LuVisi, the creator of 'LMS: Killbook of a Bountyhunter', to create an image for his upcoming book which showcases his previous LMS awesome artwork along with some new imagery created by some of the top artists in the entertainment industry.  I was extremely excited and flattered to say the least.  Danny is not only an exceptional artist, but he is an extremely savvy and inspirational business man.  He's done what so many of us dream of, and that's create his own intellectual property and turn it into a major motion picture.  Well I thank Dan for allowing me to do some artwork alongside some of my peers as well as some artists that I've admired for years.  Thanks also to Chris Moffitt for the mention to Danny in the first place!

This image is a character that Danny created called PAIN, and it's a work in progress, so check back soon for the finished peace.  As always, I hope you guys diggz!

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